The tonal balance is as perfect as I have ever heard, distortion so low you forget you are listening to a recording. The new Joe Grado HSS Microphone is incredible!
Tom Jung
DMP Recording
The Joseph Grado Holographic
Scalera Scanner has given a new brilliance to the recordings of our live chamber music.
Spoleto Festival
Handel's Messiah: Everything
about the recording and the
recorded sound quality was
absolutely stunning!
David Chesky
Recording Engineer, Composer
The HSS's ability to record all the sounds in the room holographically in a way that no microphone I have ever heard does. Small and delicate sounds are crystal clear to the ears.
Bob Ludwig
Post Processor Extraordinary
The HSS recording quality is magnificent. No coloration of any sort. Impressive power and weight in the sound. Dead quiet
background and so easy to use.
Peter McGrath
Virtual Dean of Recording
Dimensional Ambience.....Awesome
Realism........... Super Spectacular
Gary Baldassari
HMP-1 Microphone
The beginning of perfect sound.