What prompted the creation of the HP 1000 series headphones

I had just finished the design of my latest laboratory tone arm and was enjoying the reduction of my work load to a half day ( 12 hours a day ).

What to do with all my spare time ???

One of my great loves has always been getting the best recorded sound that was humanly possible.

One of my biggest problems recording, as was with every other recording engineer, was the means to properly monitor the sound during the recording.

I donít know how the other fellows coped with the problem but I was having a devil of a time. I would go to a recording session using my latest modified available ďel cheapoĒ headphone.and I was certain that this time I would get a really great tape, possibly the one of my dreams.

After the recording session I would rush to my studio to listen to the tape and it was still another fiasco. Another week going to be shot post processing a less than perfect tape!!

Now I had enough with crappy earphones and decided to design and build a really great head phone that was accurate, consistant and supremely reliable.

The result was the legendary HP 1000 series headphone. It was a gigantic,instant success and remains so to this day. After 25 years since we made the last pair of HP1000 headphones nobody has ever matched the quality of workmanship or performance of the JOSEPH GRADO SIGNATURE HP-1000 headphones.

Recently while designing the HMP-1 Holographic Recording System I reached an impasse. The HMP-1 System had reached a quality potential that I was unable to verify, even with the stock HP1000 headphones,as good as they were. So I seriously upgraded the HP1000 headphones from scratch. The improvements were fantastic, at least an order of magnitude improvement plus in every category. now I could easily hear and verify how really outstanding the HMP-1 microphones were. Iíve done many upgrades since for friends with the same extraordinary results.

The upgrades are now available to all owners of HP1000 series headphones.(as long as parts last ) Call 803 324 9768 if you are interested. As always itís me ( Joe Grado and only me ) who will do the total upgrading.

Quoting Bob Ludwig, he says;

ďHi Joe

I recently borrowed the new top of the line Denon headphones and the new $1,300 Sennheiser 800 headphone. After extensive listening, your stock Signature HP1000 headphones after 25 years of constant use and with no maintenance of any kind still wins by a large margin. My opinion.

Iím still in awe of the upgrading job you did for me. The vast sound improvement must be heard to be believed. Iíll always be grateful, thank you.Ē

Bob Ludwig is by far the most respected and sought after audio post processor in the world.today. His works are legendary in the industry.

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